T_AKRB Premium Common Nail (25LB Pack) (Choose Size)

T_AKRB Premium Common Nail (25LB Pack) (Choose Size)

Item# t-akrb-25lb-316ss
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T6AKRB T8AKRB T10AKRB T12AKRB T16AKRB Premium Siding Nails


Premium Siding Nails

Common Applications:

Siding in High-Exposure Environments

Key Features:

Type 316 stainless steel for seaside applications and high exposure environments

Passivated to remove dirt and swarf ensuring corrosion resistance

Circle pattern head identifies product as Type 316, reduces glare, accepts surface finishes

Annular ring shank increases pull out resistance, provides greater holding power and reduce cupping of siding

Blunt diamond point to dive true and reduce board splitting

*For further description please see the Simpson Strong Tie: Fastening Systems Catalog for available products & product illustrations.

**Click table icon for size, length, gauge, shank diameter, head diameter and approx. count per pound
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